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G Madhavan Nair
 Former Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
‘Opportunities Galore For Private Players in Space Tech’
Given the long gestation period of space projects, investors will have to be patient for the profits to come in
n Debobrat Ghose
GMadhavan Nair, former Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisa- tion (ISRO), first shot to national fame as Project Director of the PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Ve- hicle), designed and operated by ISRO to launch the country’s remote sensing satellites into sun-synchronous orbits. The first successful launch of PSLV took place in 1994. Still operational, PSLV has launched some of India’s most well- known payloads, such as the Chandray- aan, Mangalyaan and the country’s first space observatory, Astrosat.
As the Chairman of ISRO (from 2003 to 2009), Nair oversaw the launch of nearly 30 successful missions. He has lately donned a political cap after join-
ing the BJP in October 2018. He spoke to Science India on the opening up of space activities for private players in the country and how ISRO trumped NASA in charming Indian space scien- tists, among other issues.
ISRO has welcomed the government’s deci- sion to include private industry players in the space programme. What does it mean for the programme and ISRO? What will be the role of the private sector?
ISRO has always encouraged private participation in its development pro- grammes. With the passage of time, de- mand for satellite launch vehicles and space-based application has increased manifold. ISRO alone cannot handle this. There is a great opportunity for
APRIL, 2021
             Image Courtesy: The Shillong Times

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