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         Mission Shakti missile at the Republic Day
 Space Intelligence for Nation’s Defence
India’s growing strength in space research can play gamechanger in the next level of warfare
of targets, in order to observe, detect and analyse, and precisely attack.
SPACE-BASED INTELLIGENCE, SURVEILLANCE, RECONNAISSANCE Development and deployment of space- based intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems with network- ing at LEO (Low Earth Orbit), GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit) and HEO (Highly Elliptical Orbit) platforms is a necessity for any country for effective detection of emerging aerospace vehicle threats such as Hypersonic Glide Vehi- cles (HGVs) and Hypersonic Cruise Mis- siles (HCMs) with longer reaction time for air defence weapon systems against these threats.
The SBIRS (Space Based Infrared System) being built by the US is an or- biting network of satellites with flexible ground processing and control systems that provide a continuous view of the earth’s surface. A powerful asset for situ- ational awareness, data from SBIRS will be applied across areas like battle space awareness, intelligence and 24/7 tacti- cal alerts.
 n Dr Anupam Sharma
Ancient India, according to the Ramayana and the Mahab- harata, saw exploitation of outer space and use of energy as weapons to create inordinate devasta- tion during wars. The design of modern spacecraft has a lot in common with the ‘Vimana’, or ancient Indian spacecraft. The use of very powerful space weap- ons such as the ‘Brahmadanda’ of Lord Brahma and the ‘Vajra’ of Indra, the God of heavens, lightning and thunderbolt, is also described in ancient manuscripts. History repeats itself. The devastating effects of nuclear weapons and the recent
news of the plan of highly frightening space-based weapons labelled as “Rods from the God” by the US has proved that imagination of great Indian ancient minds for the exploitation of space and energy as weapons of war was of great importance.
The outer space has been successfully exploited for civil and military applica- tions. In civil applications, space is used to facilitate satellite-based communica- tion and navigation; imaging capabil- ity for natural resource management; forecasting weather and climate change; space science missions for better under- standing of solar system and universe; and planetary exploration. In military applications, space is used to facilitate, Command, Control, Computers Com- munications, and Intelligence, Surveil- lance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) capa- bilities for military operations; providing precise navigation and timing informa- tion for weapon guidance; providing im- agery and other intelligence parameters

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