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 The Emergence of Nationalist Scientists
Despite facing discrimination at the hands of the colonial government, India’s nationalist scientists strove hard and succeeded in inspiring and creating scientific facilities for the country’s next generation
British to exploit India completely. To establish psychological supremacy, the British also tried to push the narrative that Indians cannot think rationally and hence cannot pursue science.
In response, nationalist scientists used their western education to focus on the need for developing an indigenous scientific temper, where Indians of all classes would learn and benefit from scientific knowledge. They used science as a tool in India’s freedom struggle. To understand their contribution, we will visit through the life sketches of a few scientists.
Indian civilization is one of the old- est civilisations in the world. It could survive for such a long time because of its scientific and rational attitude. When the British came to India, they tried to
prove that Indians were irrational and unscientific. Political activists generally did not counter this effort. It was Indian scientists that proved the British wrong. They received education in their system and after coming to the motherland, they started an intellectual struggle
Acharya Jagadis Chandra Bose (sitting, centre) with his students at the Bose Institute, Calcutta
  In Dr Ruchir Gupta
n the last 500 years, the British at- tack was the last and different from all previous invasions of India as they brought science with them and
used it to rob us. They established many institutions starting from the Survey of India in 1767, followed by many others like the Zoological Survey of India, Bo- tanical Survey of India, etc. These were not research institutions, but the main job was to survey India to enable the
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