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 An artist’s impression of the victory of the East India Company at the Battle of Plassey on June 23, 1757, that laid the foundation of British rule in India
the struggle as to how those repressive measures were chal- lenged and how the counterattack emerged in an intelligent manner. Now, the time is ripe to make earnest efforts to ex- plore the struggle that was carried out in the domain of science and awaken the people by telling hitherto untold stories of audacious scientific ventures that could create impulse in the hearts of fellow Indians to achieve swatantrata.
The auspicious dawn of ‘Swatantrata’ arrived with daz- zling sunlight on the horizon of our motherland on that his- toric day — the 15th of August, 1947. Bharatmata (Hkkjrekrk) became free from the clutches of oppressive foreign rule on this momentous day. The bondage of centuries came to an end as the dark night of servitude slipped into the past. It was a matchless moment of joy and pride. Now, after completing 74 years of swatantrata, we are all geared up to celebrate the ‘Swatantrata ka Amritmahotsav’ (Lor=a rk dk ver` egkRs lo), the 75th year of swatantrata, which has begun from August 15, 2021, the 75th anniversary of liberation.
The long awaited Swatantrata, a cherished dream of several generations, was a fruition of great struggle. This struggle
has been marked as a unique saga of indomitable courage, unparalleled sacrifice and extraordinary valour of unyielding men and women in the annals of our history. We owe a lot to them. Therefore, one of the main objectives of the celebration of the 75th year of Swatantrata is to remember them and pay humble tributes to these heroes of the struggle.
These resolute heroes of the struggle were not mere war- riors, but were enlightened souls. They carried the eternal message of their hallowed land, they upheld the dignity of the noblest and oldest living culture and civilization of the world when it was under hateful attack. And, while challenging and countering the arrogant attack, they envisioned a glorious pic- ture of their motherland — brighter, greater and mightier than she ever was. This vision evolved through the intense churning of thoughts and deep contemplation in the course of struggle. Swatantrata ka Amritmahotsav gives us the right opportunity to revisit and restudy the astounding struggle and understand the profound meaning of that brilliant vision. It is essential to refresh and reset our perceptions about the historic struggle. This exercise is critically important not just in today’s context, but more significantly in the context of our country’s future.
From early times in the world, our country was highly
        Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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