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Swatantrata ka Amrut Mahotsava
Shree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram is an engineering wonder as during the equinox, the Sun is visible from one out of five windows at a time, starting from top, at an interval of approximately five minutes
fied conditions: 1) establishes a relation
tion purposes. So for that, certified refer-
era with the target of taking the economy to USD 5 trillion by 2025-26, metrology between the values with measurement
ence materials are used to calibrate such
has an even more important role to play uncertainties provided by measurement
instruments or tools. Certified reference
standards and corresponding indica-
materials are defined as reference ma-
to improve the quality of products and services. A conscious and elaborate effort tions with associated measurement un-
terials characterised by metrologically
is needed to establish test facilities and certainties and 2) uses this information
valid procedure for one or more specified
to establish a relation for obtaining a
properties, accompanied by a certificate
strictly enforce measurement standards at the grassroots level. It is needed to measurement result from an indication.
that provides the value of the specified
take initiative to develop synergy among The purpose of calibration is to establish
property, its associated error and a state-
the traceability to the units of measure-
ment of metrological traceability. If the
regulatory bodies through QCI, BIS, legal metrology and other stakeholders which ments. All the industries and business
instrument gives the same value within
will bring enormous impact on quality households, irrespective of their size, ei-
the error as mentioned in the certificate,
ther get their instruments and machines
then that instrument is considered as cali-
system, employment generation, supply chain, economy and overall progressive calibrated from NMIs/national accred-
brated and the value given by it as accu-
growth of the country. At the same time, ited laboratories or buy calibrated instru-
rate and precise. This way, measurement
ments/tools from certified companies.
traceability to SI units is maintained from
a nationwide awareness regarding various certificates and standards for end prod- This chain of traceability starts from SI
large machines to everyday life, thereby
ucts needs to be created. Also, a focus on ensuring the quality of life.
units moving to NMIs to accreditation
authority to accredited labs and from
more accurate and precise measurements there to manufacturers and finally con-
in production technology matching in- NEED OF THE CURRENT ERA
ternational standards and traceable to SI sumers. If any step is missed from this
Earlier, India was a major trade centre
chain, it destroys the credibility of the
of the world, and no doubt, metrology
units has to be made.
final product due to uncertainty during
played a major role in it by establishing
the measurements.
fine quality goods and technological ser- Each instrument or tool cannot be
vices like architecture, metallurgy, medi- cine, astronomy, etc. In the current digital brought to the laboratories for calibra-
— The author is Emeritus Scientist, CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi

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