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India has been a pioneer in science since eons. What with the funda- mental medical treatment as suggested in the epic Charak Samhita or the digit ‘Zero’ discovered by our own scientist, Aryabhata. And the list goes on.
Hence, it is important for us to know about our splendid scientific heritage. Keeping this in view, Science India has been doing a pioneer- ing job to take the present generation down memory lane and inspire it to do something great in the field of science.
Besides, the country has made its foray into new arenas of science in the present time too. To enunciate it, we have quite a good number of desi vaccines to fight the lethal disease COVID-19 and the edition has done justice while doing a cover story on the same.
Drones are the future in various aspects of life, ranging from trans- portation of essential medicine to the conduct of crop estimation in remote areas. However, the journal’s feature on the use of drones in the battleground is something new and hence quite interesting for one to know.
To sum it up, the entire edition of Science India becomes a collec- tor’s copy and hence a must for all those who have interest in science. My sincere congratulations to the entire editorial team.
Prof Kumud Das Asst Professor School of Media & Journalism DY Patil International University Akurdi (Pune)
A friend of mine suggested me to
read Science India two months back, after he got really impressed by your detailed report on COVID-19 situa- tion in the country. Honestly, at first,
I thought it would be like the other science magazines but I was wrong. Science India is refreshing, it has a per- spective. Science & Spiritualism is my favourite column, and I love to keep the posters. Keep up the good work.
Apeksha Moharir BSc Physics Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
My mother loves reading your maga- zine. She is a science teacher in a pri- mary school and sometimes she reads the articles to her students. I have one suggestion, please release two editions in one month. I would also like to
see something on Climate Change, something completely based on Indian situations.
Vibhanshu Saxena Mumbai
I came across Science India maga-
zine for the first time last month at a friend’s office and I was surprised that it has been in publication for several years. However, I’m told it has recently undergone a revamp. What I saw — the January edition — looked terrific, and it suggests the revamp has been
a great turnaround. I candidly admit that I really liked all the articles in the magazine. The columns — Science & Spiritualism and Science Diplomacy — are a novel way of looking at science.
I would like to congratulate the team for bringing out such a wonderful magazine. Keep up the good work!
Sushmita Sabharwal Homemaker Gurgaon
My husband was recently given cop- ies of Science India’s January and February editions and he got those home as he felt that the magazine was a store house of knowledge for our two teenaged children. And how right
he has been! My children, age 14 and 16, are not much given to reading but they have really taken to the magazine. The boys have especially liked the articles on defence and I was happy to see them jointly reading those articles aloud. It made me wonder if good content can really take our children back to reading? Thank you for this wonderful magazine that my children are enjoying as much as the adults in the family.
Raksha Sharma Special Educator Patparganj New Delhi
I’m a senior school student and really dig into quizzes. For this reason, I have begun to look forward to the Science India magazine that my father has been getting from his office for the past few months. I’m enjoying your quiz section and it really helps me enrich my facts on things that are important and make news regularly. However, the only disappointment is that your quiz is too short. I wish you could devote more space to these fun facts and quizzes, perhaps an entire page to just MCQs.
Anvita Rao Class XI student Bangalore
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