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 A major part of the SaveMom innovation is a jewellery-inspired wearable device
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Lakhs of women die prevent- able deaths every year due to pregnancy-related complica- tions. Although maternal deaths have declined in recent years, India still accounts for about one-fifth of global maternal deaths annually. Many health departments in India are short-staffed, especially in rural areas, where women are nearly three times more likely to die from complications during pregnancy or childbirth than those in urban areas. Many of these women in rural areas are still wary of modern healthcare system and cannot afford to make frequent vis- its to far-off hospitals. Even the child is 15 times more likely to die before the age of two in rural areas. Technology, though, is not scarce in rural India with nearly a billion active phone subscrib- ers in the country. This opens the door for some solutions and innovations like SaveMom that can play a critical role in saving lakhs of lives every year.
SaveMom, by JioVio Healthcare, is an IoT based maternal healthcare solu- tion that promises to effectively address the malady of poor maternal healthcare in remote regions of India. It monitors a mother’s health using smart wearables that collect various physiological signals (blood pressure, heart rate, tempera- ture, respiratory rate, ECG, oxygen sat- uration and glucose). These signals are processed with advanced techniques, including continuous risk assessment
to ensure that the woman is healthy. Doctors are alerted in case of any nega- tive risk assessment, so that timely pre- ventive measures may be taken.
A unique jew- ellery-inspired
M. Senthil Kumar
Technology comes to the aid of expectant women in rural India to whom immediate and regular medical help is not easily available
pressure and blood glucose measur- ing devices and replaced their display screens with a blue chip that would SMS his sister’s readings to the doctor who would then evaluate them and message her back. Senthil realised he could help many more women who had little or no access to healthcare facilities.
SaveMom has covered 100 villages in India so far with its antenatal and postnatal healthcare service provided to mother and infant for 1,000 days. JioVio has collaborated with the gov- ernment and NGOs to provide care for 1,000 days to mother and child for Rs 1,000 covering 15 antenatal check-ups of the mother and postnatal care of the baby. The application is already in use in more than a hundred villages in southern India and has benefitted more than 2,000 pregnant women.
SaveMom has also successfully ad- dressed data manipulation malpractices of healthcare workers. It has ensured that vital information can only be col- lected in the homes of the pregnant women after the synchronisation of the wearable devices to a mobile app. The process has also ensured that the health worker visits the home of the pregnant woman every two weeks. The collected information can be sent to the doctor, who can prescribe medicines and good diet. SaveMom was initially made to help urban women, but now the com- pany has realised that rural women vastly outnumber those in urban area and their needs are greater.
 wearable device,
Allowear, with six-
month battery life is
a major part of this innovation. Among other things, it tracks sleeping and gives reminders for medicines. This has been especially designed to discourage men of the pregnant women’s household from using this device. The second com- ponent is Allotricoder, an integrated non-invasive device that captures six vitals digitally — blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, ECG, oxygen saturation and glucose — and sends it to AI engine for analy- sis. The third component is AlloBMI, a simple weighing scale integrated with the application to monitor the steady rise in weight during pregnancy.
SaveMom was created in 2016 by Sunder Jagannathan and M. Senthil Kumar. Kumar visited his pregnant sis- ter in 2016 who lived on the outskirts of Madurai. She had to travel all the way to a city hospital for regular check- ups. Kumar asked her gynaecologist about the vital parameters tracked for pregnant women. He got all the blood
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