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The Leader in Environmental Science & Engineering
  Solutions to environmental problems Technology transfer to industry and society
CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI) is playing a very significant role in the field of environmental science
and engineering. The Institute is dedicated to the service of mankind
by monitoring the environmental status, across the country and provid-
ing innovative and effective S & T solutions to environmental and natural resource problems. CSIR-NEERI has been instrumental in keeping a check on environmental degradation by conducting vital R&D activities in the field of environmental science and engineering. A host of environmentally sound technologies developed at CSIR-NEERI will help in reaching a goal of sustainable development.
     Global scientific impact
Innovation-driven industry
Socio-economic development
         Air Pollution Control
Waste Water Technology
Water Technology and Management
Environmental Materials
Environmental Impact and Sustainability
Environmental biotechnol- ogy, genomics, virology
Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
        “CSIR-NEERI assisted in the rehabilitation of tanneries, saving the livelihood of many workers. When fluorosis struck regions of Andhra Pradesh, CSIR-NEERI developed the ‘Nalgonda Technique’ to rid water of the offending fluorides”
        JIGYASA: Student- scientist connect programme
 Phytorid technology is exclusively de- signed for the treat- ment of municipal, urban, agricultural and industrial waste- water
Rejuvenation of Har- mu River in Jharkhand: CSIR-NEERI provided the design for 8 Sew- age Treatment Plants (STPs) with a total treatment capacity of 10 MLD
‘WAYU (Wind Aug- mentation Purifying Unit)’reduces par- ticulate matter and volatile organic com- pounds (VOCs) at traffic junctions
Electrolytic defluoridation for removal of fluoride from water
Deployed hand pump attachable iron removal plants in 240 hand pumps in rural areas
  “CSIR-NEERI’s pioneering solutions and landmark achievements to provide clean and sustainable environment is not only helping government agencies and industries, but is also giving a better life to millions.”
 CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute Nehru Marg, Nagpur (India) – 440 020. Website:
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